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A housing adaptation grant is available where changes need to be made to a home to make it suitable for a person with a physical, sensory or intellectual disability or mental health difficulty to live in.

The grant can help you to make changes and adaptations to your home, for example making it wheelchair-accessible, extending it to create more space, adding a ground floor bathroom, toilet or a stairlift and replacing traditional bath with walk-in bath. 

Check that you qualify for this scheme

The grant can be paid to people in:

  •  Owner-occupied housing
  •  Houses being purchased from a local authority under the Tenant Purchase Scheme
  •  Private rented accommodation (the duration of your tenancy can affect grant approval)
  •  Accommodation provided under the voluntary housing Capital Assistance and Rental Subsidy schemes
  •  Accommodation occupied by persons living in communal residences

Complete the application form

Return the application form to your local authority – see below to find yours:



The grant will not be paid if you start work before the grant is approved. However, it is expected that the work will start within 6 months of your grant approval.